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  Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile and Web Apps Solutions

We develop mobile solutions/Apps for Android, IOS, Windows etc and their admin portals for content management and reporting.

Web Solutions & Websites

We deliver modern web portals for managing content, users, view reports and other admin functions.We also develop dynamic social & responsive websites for small, medium and corporate clients.

Consultancy & Training

We help develop the right user requirements and best approaches. We help in training end users and technology transfer. We also help in choosing the right technology and the right TEAM!

Web Hosting & Domains

We are accredited to register, .com, .org and all other domains. We offer linux hosting to our clients with a dedicated C-Panel for full control. We work with major CLOUD HOSTING providers for our mobile and web solutions.

About us
We Create, You Like! Mobile and Web Solutions/Apps development, Consultancy and Training, Web Hosting and Domain Sales.
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